Friends, Hawks, countrymen, lend me your ears. 

When our girls leave the classroom for the field they study a different lesson plan. Teamwork, motivation, and resilience are essentials skills to achieving goals and succeeding in life. Hawthorne Athletics provide that very outlet. Through collaboration and competition our students learn what they are made of and more importantly, who they want to be. 

Being an athlete is hard. It is also endlessly exhilarating.We want our girls to revel in the excitement of testing themselves physically and reaching goals they may not have thought were unattainable. No matter your level of knowledge or background in a given sport, every girl can become a great Hawthorne athlete. We also support those who pursue their craft outside of school, whether is's sailing or skiing internationally, working with them to balance their school commitments with their competition demands.

Hawthorne is a proud member of the New York Interscholastic Athletic Association (NYIAA). Our Hawks compete in over a dozen varsity sports and have won three recent championships. 12 varsity sports and have won recent championships in cross-country and lacrosse. Our varsity teams are complemented by junior varsity squads and no-cut Middle School teams. Highlights of our Lower and Middle School physical education programs are a Red-Cross certified swim program, gymnastics, dance, self defense, and over 20 Upper School physical education electives from ballet to kickboxing to yoga.

Go Hawks!